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Ancroft Church

Scheme of Nine New Windows

Travelling around many churches in Northumberland it cannot be ignored that many share a similar style of plain glazing that is thought to be unique to the county.   These windows were inserted into churches during the restorations in the 1860’s and 70’s.  All consist of elaborate  symmetrically patterned leaded lights and are often supported by decoratively shaped iron bars.  Borderdale Stained Glass is currently surveying these windows throughout the county in order to produce a record for their preservation.


At Ancroft following consultation with the church members and wardens, the Parochial Parish Council and the Newcastle Diocesan Advisory Committee it was agreed that a series of nine new windows should be designed in plain glass to be unique to the church and also reflect the traditional ‘Northumbrian style’.    The objective of the project was to design new windows that would enhance the building and create a new vibrant light within the building.  The designs would seek to reflect the style, scale and proportions of the church whilst contributing to the harmony within the surrounding environment. 


The windows have now been installed, thanks to the generous donations of the larger community of Ancroft and the results have been very well received by all.  They will be enjoyed by worshipers and visitors to the church who are fortunate enough to discover this hidden historical gem in the heart of the county.





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