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Welcome to Borderdale Stained Glass.

Borderdale specialises in the conservation of stained glass for churches, cathedrals and historic buildings.

The partnership established in 1996  combines over forty years of collective experience in the conservation of stained glass from the medieval period through to the 19th/20th century. 


Borderdale Stained Glass is dedicated to the conservation, repair and protection of windows from both environmental deterioration and damage due to vandalism.  


The workshop has carried out a wide variety of work both secular and ecclesiastical and has gained accreditation from ICON ( The Institute of Conservation), The National Council for Conservation-Restoration and the BSMGP  (The British Society of Master Glass Painters).


We are is fully equipped to undertake a full range of conservation projects and provide both recording and documentation in line with CCC (Council for the Care of Churches) and CVMA (Corpus Vitraeum Medi Aevi) guidelines.


Site visits together with conservation reports are undertaken throughout the county.


Our clients include architects, churches, DAC’s, insurers, contractors and stained glass studios.


Brims Building and Engineering                                                                                          Purcell Architects, York

Newcastle Cathedral                                                                                                          The Joicey Trust

The Royal Grammer School                                                                                                The Mercer's Company

Howarth Litchfield Architects                                                                                             Southgate Associates

Robertson Construction Ltd                                                                                                Blackpool Council

Blackpool Civic Trust



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