Eglwys Oen Duw                               Beulah

The Church of the Lamb of God is the parish church of the village of Beulah in Powys Mid Wales.  Built in 1867 many of the windows are by the large London firm Clayton & Bell.


Clayton and Bell were one of the most prolific stained glass manufactures of the Gothic Revival.  Some of their methods have however left the windows vulnerable to paint loss over time when the interior surface of the glass is exposed to high levels of condensation.  


Borderdale is experienced in consolidation of this lost detail in a non intrusive and fully reversable manner.

Example of lost painted detail.



Missing detail is applied in a sensitve manner to a clear sheet of 1.4mm thick optical glass.



The two are then placed together giving a much enhanced image, re establishing the detail and iconography to the window.



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