Borderdale Stained Glass
Borderdale Stained Glass

Ventilated Enviromenetal Protection

Windows are  enviomentally protected within specifically designed isothermal glazing systems



Conservation Projects

All types of project are undertaken, form small  restoration and repairs to large conservation projects.



Full Conservation Surveys and Reports

We complete a full surveys, condition report and repairs. 



Specialists in Painted Repairs

We are studio trained painters using traditional methods and materials.

Specialsist Craftsmen

We are time served cathedral trained craftspeople.



Borderdale is continually concerned with the conservation and repair of stained glass.   In particular we specialise in the specific restoration of nineteenth century glass and its protection from both environmental deterioration and damage resulting from vandalism.

As an Institute of Conservation accredited studio, we adhere to the CVMA principles of minimum intervention and keep pace with current conservation practice. We work to ensure that our work is both reversible and non destructive. Where possible,  we use original sources,  photographic and fragment records to reconstruct damaged and lost glass.


The processes of conservation  include the following skills ;


•   fine painting, staining and enamelling - as studio trained glass painters, we are

     experienced in replicating all styles of glass painting.

•   identification - each newly painted repair is discreetly signed and 

     dated for future identification.

•   acid etching

•   edge bonding - damaged glass can be bonded descreetly using silicon and resin

     protected on the exterior with moulded 1mm backing glass plates.

•   back painting - to support bonded repairs and enhance areas of lost painted


•   removal and reinstatement of damaged windows

•   isothermal protective glazing - this system has been developed to protect fragile glass by placing it in a

     ventilated enviroment within its original openings.   Each system is individually designed to suit specific

      locations and circumstances. 

•   protective wire guard - We use only the highest quality black powder coated fine stainless

     steel mess is used.   Containing this 12swg wire the guards virtually undetectable

     when viewed from a short distance. 

•   condition and conservation reports - full conservation and post conservation reports

     observe all DAC and CVMA guidlines.

•   documentation records and post conservation reports - supplied together with a full

     photographic record.


Borderdale studio was awarded a Certificate of Merit from the Blackpool Civic Trust for our restoration of the stained glass in Blackpool Town Hall Council Chamber.




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