Neville Hall

Neville Hall is the home to the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne.


The Wood Memorial Library houses an extensive archive of the industrial revolution, telling the story of how the North East changed the world.   The building has now been rescued with a £ 4.1 m lottery grant.


The Institute, founded in 1852, was the first proffessional mining institute in the world, aiming to 'advance the science and art of mining' and to reduce the death toll and accidents of the industry.  


The grant has now revitalise this Grade II listed building and the largest collection of mining material in the world.


Borderdale completed the restoration and environmental protection of the two large gable windows which will preseve these windows for many generations to follow.


On site working with stone masons and joiners during the removal of the East Window.



One of the over one hundred panels following conservation.

Completed and installed West Window.




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